Agriconserve answers

1.Agriconserve Rega's tomatoes italian?

Yes, Agriconserve Rega utilizes only tomatoes cultivated on Italian soils and, in particular, on the warm soils of South of Italy.

2.long Agriconserve Rega's products can be preserved?

Our products don't contain preservatives, for that once opened they have to be preserved in the refrigerator and consumed within few days. Agriconserve Rega advises to read on label:
  • expiration date;
  • way of preserving;
  • ingredients and nutritional facts.

3.What does mean that the product has to be consumed "preferably" within the expiration date?

Agriconserve Rega informs that the product has to be consumed preferably within the expiration date indicated on the tin, to benefit of the organoleptic properties of the product and of its natural freshness. All that does't involve that the product can't be consumed for a brief period after the expiration date.

4.What have I do if the cap or the lid are rounded?

Our Company utilizes caps for bottle and lids for tins allowing you to value the product's integrity. Once you push on them, the absence of "clic-clac" guarantees both the fastening and the integrity of the product. Otherwise, the product could be adulterated.

5.What does "Productive Die Control" mean?

The Productive Die Control consists in a series of processes allowing to control all the process of production, from the seeding to the harvest and transforming of the product. All that guarantees that on the table of each consumer arrive only eatable products.

6.What do initials printed on bottle and tins mean?

While the initials identify the producer, the code shows the year, the date and the hour of manufacturing. All that guarantees the tracebility of the product.

7.What Lycopene is?

The Lycopene gives to tomatoes their red colour and it is a carotenoid. It is also a natural antioxidant, prevents the growing old of the cells and a lot of illness, such as: cancer, tumours and cardiovascular illnesses.

8.products of Agriconserve Rega contain citric acid. What is it?

Citric acid is a corrector of acidity. It is commonly used in food industries to regulate the acidity of the tomatoes.

9.Can I consume Agriconserve Rega's legumes without cooking?

Yes, Agriconserve Rega's legumes are pre-cooked, for that you can utilize them directly for any recipe you want.
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