Tomato story

Originally coming from South of America, the tomato was at first imported by Spanish colonizers during XVI century.

As it was considered poisonous, at beginning it was utilized just as ornamental plant, so that only during XVIII century was appreciated its qualities and beneficial properties that should have made of tomato one of the main symbol of Italian cooking.

Finally, during XIX century, thanks to the scientific and technological progress, was brought perfect the preservation techniques of tomato, that – improved in the following decades – allow us to consume this wonderful food during the whole of the year, preserving the characteristics of the tomato only just picked up.

There are several varieties of tomato: from the S. Marzano type ideal for sauce, to those small ones known as "cherry tomatoes" with which you can prepare decorations and skewers.

Rich of vitamins (C which decreases during the ripeness, A and some of the group B) the tomato also has Potassium, Phosphor and Calcium.

The benefits? It is healthy for blood circulation and it controls the pressure.

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